Are You Ready To Incorporate Colorful Appliances?

Bright, colorful appliances are quickly making a huge comeback and we are completely here for it! While having a lime green refrigerator might make most cringe or think back to the 60s, these blast from the past are coming in hot. Colorful appliances can easily brighten a darker room or add a modern twist without being overbearing or causing you to completely change up your décor. Plus, there is also the case of having multiple different options. Keeping that in mind, we bring you a guide on how to incorporate colorful appliances the right way.

Start Small

Lidl kitchen range Are You Ready To Incorporate Colorful Appliances?
A pastel toaster could give you the color you need without much effort or compromise needed.

For those that want to add a colorful appliance to the kitchen yet don’t want a complete makeover starting small is the way to go. There are plenty of colorful, bold, small kitchen appliances that can make a huge difference in the room with little to no effort. Consider starting with a toaster, a juicer, tea kettle or even a fun blender for a beautiful hint of color.

Stove maybe?

red stove Are You Ready To Incorporate Colorful Appliances?
If you had to highlight one appliance in your kitchen we would always suggest your stove, it’s not only the most used appliance but its quite fun to see others react to such a bold statement.

Ever since most of us can remember stoves came in white, black, stainless steel or a metallic hue; however, there is now the option of having a fun colored stove that makes a huge impact in the area. You might want to consider a seasonal color or a hue that will seamlessly function with your current décor as a colorful stove is more of a permanent fixture.

Mellow Yellow

A mellow yellow hue is perfect when you want a refreshing touch without taking away from your decor, its also a great way to get color in while having simple decor.

In case you missed a post or two yellow was a huge color this year, from appearing on red carpets to being considered top-notch in interior designing. Keeping that in mind, we love the idea of softer yellow appliances. A mellow yellow hue works because its light enough to work all-year-round yet works seamlessly with any other pieces that you might have.

Stand Mixer

A colorful stand mixer is perfect for adding color as it has a naturally retro feel, this works exceptionally well when you display your stand mixer as part of your kitchen.

Another option for those that want to add color in a non-permanent manner- a colored stand mixer. Stand mixers have been around for approximately 100 years or so, which means they have come a long way since they were first made, yet they continue to be used for most things in the world. Therefore, if you already love your stand mixer its might be time to upgrade to a more colorful version.

Change Your Hood

Want to take your hood to the next level? Change it for a colorful and match it to your stove for the perfect pairing of colors.

We love a good kitchen hood, its one of those classic staples in a kitchen. Furthermore, they are quite versatile which is fantastic when you want to add color. Change up your hood by adding a colorful one that brings a bold texture on its every own.

Retro Flair

Robin blue offers the perfect blend of retro blue while still being chic and modern all at once.

As previously stated, colorful appliances are a thing from the past but since their comeback, we are loving the idea of adding a retro flair to your kitchen with robin blue appliances. Robin blue is not a popular color; therefore, it’s not the easiest to find yet it makes a huge impact when it is paired with other neutral bits.

Try Pairs

The key to having two appliances in bold hues that work in a room is having them in the same color. Having them in the same color expands the room all at the same time.

While having one colorful appliance is a cute idea having a pair of color appliances is a grand idea. Why have one when you can have multiple? Add two to brighten up the room seamlessly and in a few and creative manner.

Go Pastel

No matter how against the idea of having colorful appliances a pastel stove is sure to change your mind. There’s just something unique about it that makes you want to fall in love with the idea.

Maybe bright colors aren’t for you so you’re a bit worried about trying the trend if that is the case pastels are here to save the day! They are the perfect blend of color without overpowering the room in any way shape or form, simply adding the perfect blend of color.

Citron Yellow

Citron is a daring bold color; therefore, you want to make it the main statement of the overall room.

If you’re like us and love color and the idea of having colorful appliances, then adding a citron refrigerator is perfect! Citron is just the perfect bold addition to your kitchen, its daring, it’s captivating and its unique in its own right.

Elegance is always a good idea

Burgundy stoves are our personal favorites due to how much richness they bring to any appeal in the room.

To conclude this guide, we have one simple question to as you- Are you ready to incorporate colorful appliances? Please share with us your ideas below.

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Tiny Kitchens You Are Sure To Love

Style and décor know no boundaries, yet it can become a bit overwhelming when you’re working with a smaller room particularly a smaller kitchen. While most rooms can be reorganized and adjusted to your liking, when you first take a glimpse at a smaller kitchen you might become a bit discouraged due to not knowing how to decorate the space. However, if you have a tiny kitchen here are a few examples of how to fall in love with the space.

Twist on Charcoal

charcoal gray kitchen Tiny Kitchens You Are Sure To Love
Charcoal gray is such a pretty, elegant color that it will also work well with wood bits that add a chic rustic twist to the kitchen.

While darker colors might seem intimidating for a smaller kitchen, they can be the complete opposite when they’re paired with lighter hues that brighten the space. Consider a color such as charcoal gray, this hue is rich and bold but when it is paired with a marble island the hue seems to come to life in the simplest manner. Therefore, have darker hues around the border of the kitchen and brighter ones in the center.

Concealed Appliances

conceal appliances Tiny Kitchens You Are Sure To Love
Concealing your appliances can create an immediate larger feel to the room. Not only that but the room will feel grand and modern.

The latest kitchen trend on the market right now is truly taking over- concealed appliances. For a smaller kitchen conceal your appliances and allow the size of the room to make the big statement. Instead of having your metallic appliances be the main focus the airiness of the room will be instead.

Pool of Color

Not fond about adding too much color or texture to your kitchen? Go for a rich backsplash, even with neutral hues for that stark bit of character.

When in doubt, trust the color. If your kitchen seems a bit “too” small color is the way to go. Go for a tiled backsplash with bold hues of color or even a daring wallpaper that comes with everything you need to bring the room back to life with little to no additional decorative bits needed. You could even have fun with the flooring as well.

Flooring Fun

Have fun with your tiles to bring direct focus exactly where you need it. The more color you bring to your flooring the easier it will be to decorate around it.

As mentioned above, consider going bold on your flooring instead. If you are dying to try a bold color in your kitchen that will make it feel grand and open, yet don’t feel you have the space for it, your floor is the perfect way to go. You have enough space on the floor to choose different colors, patterns, and tiles that coordinate with the décor you already have.

Open Shelving

Bring on the open shelves to transform your kitchen instantly. Keep them simple and only display what you need for the best outcome.

Small kitchens typically come with little to no cabinet space and if they have extra cabinetry those are traditionally too big, or they take up too much. In order to remove the bulkiness, most cabinets add consider an open shelving system. The open shelving will remove the heaviness of the room and bring a seamless airy feel.


Whether you have a long kitchen that is small or a narrow kitchen, using an all-white display is the perfect way of bringing beauty and making the space feel larger and more put together.

Nothing has an expanding feel in any room quite like the color white; therefore, when in doubt of how to fall in love with your small kitchen go for an all-white design. An all-white kitchen will feel grand and open while embracing the size of the space. Think of it as the perfect way to make your room feel twice its size.

Don’t Forget the Light

Unique lamp fixtures might be difficult to find but they make a huge impact in any room, particularly in the kitchen. Add two of the same light fixtures to make the biggest impact.

We can never emphasize enough how important having bold light fixtures is, particularly when you’re focusing on decorating a small kitchen. Light fixtures make a tremendous difference in how large the room looks and feels. You could even say they are what make or break the room. Add multiple light fixtures through areas that need brightening to naturally enhance the room.

Your Island is Your Friend

Add an island that has storage for that classic appeal that helps keep the room organized without having to add any new bits of furniture.

Do not shy away from your kitchen island as it actually is your friend. The island can make a kitchen feel more put together and essentially bring a naturally “homie” feel to the room. The key is having an island that is proportionate to the room, the island shouldn’t take away from the space or feel as if it doesn’t belong, it should feel seamless and cohesive as if it was there.

Multipurpose Furniture

Have your island not only double as a storage collection but as a breakfast bar as well. Doing so will knock two things out the way without having to add additional decor.

The best thing you can do for your kitchen is adding in multipurpose furniture, it will save you space while making the room feel put together. Furthermore, you will have everything in one room without having to compromise. The key is keeping it simple and adding those key bits that make the room feel grand while having a simplistic effect.

Vibrant Accents

For an accent color, you want to go bold and fun such as a pop of yellow, red, or even a pop of blue. These colors add a vibrant appeal that is still warm and open.

For small spaces having vibrant accents is the key. Furthermore, it brings the room back to life while making the space have texture and character. Contemplate having bits that are vibrant to bring beauty back into your space while still being simple and cohesive to the room.

Tiny kitchens are our top favorite but decorating them is not quite as fun. Which of these will you be trying? Please let us know below.

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Chic Kitchens With Open Shelving

Displaying what’s inside of your kitchen cabinets can be quite terrifying in fact many of us would rather not go in that route. Yes, the mess does exist inside of the cabinets but it kind of feels a bit less when it’s covered behind cabinet doors. Time to embrace what’s behind the closed doors, and consider open shelving.

Open shelving is the latest kitchen trend that is taking over, not only is it chic, and contemporary, but it can really open up a small kitchen. If we have yet to convince you on open shelving, consider one of these chic kitchens to inspire you for your next renovation.

Keep it Simple

open shelving simple Chic Kitchens With Open Shelving
Simplicity one of the best ways to fall in love with an open shelf concept. Start by having a few shelves and continue adding them in as you go.

Tons of plates or cups stacked up on each other isn’t always the most flattering, particularly if you want to display them in an open shelf, therefore; clear out your stack and keep it at a minimum while only displaying the dishes you love. Force yourself to minimize your set and watch your kitchen expand in size.

Rustic could be Glam

rustic shelving Chic Kitchens With Open Shelving
Rustic can be glamorous when it is added with elegant bits such as a chandelier. Make sure to have an elegant chandelier to draw a focus on the glam aspect of your decor.

Do not go overboard with your décor instead keep it simple by adding a rustic touch with wood shelving. Even when you have an overboard display of décor having wood shelves will break it down and give you that classic appeal your décor is very much in need of. Additionally, they can help you be more organized without leaving any decorative bits out.

Only a Bit

Having the blend of cabinetry and open shelving gives you the ability of hiding some of the clutter while still displaying the dishes and trinkets you would like to share with family and friends.

If having an open shelf concept scares you don’t go all the way and remove all of your cabinets, keep one area of your kitchen classic with traditional cabinets and have a small space with open shelves. Doing so allows you to have the best of both worlds without being too overboard with what you display. Furthermore, this allows you to become more comfortable with your new kitchen addition.

Light Wood

If you have color in your kitchen light wood shelves is the way to go. It doesn’t clash with your decor or take away from the current color you have.

The key to shelving the right way is the color of wood you use; for a lighter, charming edge go for a lighter shade of wood, for a richer touch seek a darker shade of wood. Having light wood shelves bring beauty to a room without taking away from it or making it feel as if it shrunk the room in any kind of way. Remember to keep it simple and cohesive.

Try Taupe

Taupe comes in multiple different hues; therefore, consider using multiple shades of taupe to create seamless dimension.

If you want a bright kitchen yet aren’t sure about the idea of using mainly white as your focal hue, try a taupe shade. Taupe is one of those shades that works for everything and in every room. Pair your free-standing taupe shelves with a taupe island and cabinets to bring it all together in the simplest form.

Surprise Inside

Remove your cabinet doors and paint the inside for a more subtle way of having open shelving that is still traditional but with a hint of modern.

Not completely certain about having an all open display? Remove your cabinet doors and paint the inside of your cabinets a fun color. Doing so will brighten your kitchen while still being simple and fun. Keep your dishes a neutral hue to allow your back-drop color to be the main statement of the room no matter what.

Saves Space

Who doesn’t want to save space? Even if you have a large kitchen saving space is always a good idea. Use them in multiple different areas to save space and have a more organized appeal.

If you have a small kitchen and can’t exactly have the cabinetry you would like and deserve, we recommend trying open shelving for all of your needs. It saves space, looks chic and makes you want to display your “nicer dishes.” Consider your open shelves a form of decluttering the kitchen giving the ultimate control over what is displayed and what is at hand exactly where you need it.

Against your Tiles

If you have nice tiling you don’t exactly want to cover it up. Therefore, having open shelving allows you to display your dishes without taking away from your tiles, while still being organized.

Open shelving looks absolutely beautiful against tiles, particularly when you’re working with bold tiling. This gives you a chic form of displaying your beautiful tiles instead of hiding them behind thick cabinets. Furthermore, if you’re working with neutral tiles contemplate making the size of your shelves a whole lot bigger. Bigger shelves against a neutral tile display will ensure you have that modern element in your kitchen.

Modern Metallic

A metallic finish is great for a modern touch that is easy to maintain and take care of while being one of a kind. It also works well in any kind of setting that you might have.

Instead of installing wood shelves, opt for metallic shelving. Having a modern metallic display is perfect in a traditional kitchen that needs that added dose of “something” to come back to life Additionally, metallic bits like silver, gold, rose gold or even brass add a touch of elegance that simply brings the area back to life. There is also the element of unique simplicity that it adds as well.

Bring on the Color

The beauty of having a colorful open shelf is you can rearrange them in multiple different forms while bringing color to your kitchen. It’s the perfect excuse to have a colorful touch that does not take away from your kitchen.

Whether you’re working with a neutral kitchen or a room filled with color adding colorful shelves is the perfect way of bringing a different twist to your décor style. Having colorful shelves brings a distinctive twist that is simple to create while still being authentic to the room. Think of this addition as the contemporary way of being unique but in the less common manner.

Did we convenience you of trying open shelving yet? If so, share with us your ideas below.

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15 Black Kitchen Cabinets That You’ll Swoon For

It may sound a bit too bold. It may even sound a bit crazy, but, it’s trendy and when executed correctly, can become the best part of the home. Check out these 15 black kitchen cabinets that you’ll swoon for, we promise. If you have the space and the right amount of natural light, you can pull it off too. Let’s have a peek!

modern black kitchen cabinet from Elle 900x601 15 Black Kitchen Cabinets That Youll Swoon For

Elle Decor begins our journey through the chicest of kitchens with this beautiful space. A timeless black and white contrast with modern hardware and sleek countertops, it’s a dream for entire families and frequent-meal makers alike.

traditional kitchen with black cabinets 900x600 15 Black Kitchen Cabinets That Youll Swoon For

This kitchen is a bit more quaint and welcoming. It has a warmer feel and a variety of modern and traditional features. Take a look at more ideas by visiting House Beautiful.

You can even create a stylish gallery kitchen with some black cabinets. This peek was with our friends at Homedit and we really love the accent and framing of the area that comes from the stainless steel hardware and appliances.

Love Home Designs gives us a fresh take on a modern kitchen with this flooring choice and how it compliments the dark cabinets. It’s just another way you can blend family charm into a more contemporary setting. It’s easier than you may think!

There’s something rather refreshing about this Freshome find. It’s a beautiful mix of both old and new and that style balances each other out nicely. The sharpness of the black constrast the rustic quality of all the pieces.

HGTV shows us how yellow may be the right acent color for your classic, black and white kitchen. It pops and create a tri of tones that will set off the personality and poise of the kitchen. Red can be a great pairing as well!

Homedit had this more traditional flavor up their sleeve. The darkness of the color choice pairs nicely with the heavy nature of the wood pieces. And the cream backsplash is an A+ option.

Tops Cabinet gave us this regal peek inside a black and gold cabinet. There’s something really special and Victorian-inspired about this space. And those golden accents add a certain luxe appeal that makes us swoon.

If you’re going to be using black cabinets, think about the natural lighting you’ll be getting in the space. The darkness contrasts the sun nicely and revives the entire area without any fuss. Check out more like this at Freshome.

If you hop on over to HGTV again you’ll see how copper can be a beautiful pairing and contrast to black as well. It’s a glistening, feminine way to add a pesonal touch in a surprising and functional way.

In a spacious area with a lot of players in the scheme, black cabinets will be just another nice accompaniment. Paired with varying mediums – like brick and metal – it’s a calming addition. WE love this eclectic space from Home Design Ideas!

Here’s another spot from Freshome that we’re swooning for is this crisp and chic kitchen. What really caught our eye – besides the white-washed hardwood floors – was the beautiful white subway tile backsplash that contrasts the entire area nicely.

We’ve gushed about this kitchen on Trendir before. And we just love its modern, futuristic style. It has everything you’d want in a fashion-forward yet functional area. Stainless steel and nickel hardware are perfect pairings.

Pinterest has a lot of good finds as well. In particular, this modern, colorblock kitchen is a definite source of good inspiration. It’s a myriad of beautiful neutrals; gray, cream, and black working seamlessly together.

Elle Decor leaves us off with this beautiful kitchen. The dark, marbled backsplash and countertops paired with the contemporary hardware – and let’s not forget the pouring of natural sunlight inside, it’s a stunning space.

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Stylish Kitchens That Scream Timeless

Whether you spend your days cooking, or you enjoy entertaining your guests the kitchen is always a busy space. Keeping that in mind, you want your kitchen to represent your personality while still having a timeless, authentic feel. We have put together a guide to help you create a stylish kitchen’s that scream timeless every time you entire the room- here’s how to do just that.

Quartz Countertops

quartz kitchen Stylish Kitchens That Scream Timeless
Create a modern touch by having two different kinds of quartz in the kitchen, the key is keeping the colors similar to one another. Doing so will expand the room in a simplistic manner. 

Skip the hassle of having a granite countertop by replacing it with quartz. Quartz needs less upkeeping while having that timeless appeal we all know and love. Additionally, quartz is a whole lot more cost effective which is always great when you are upgrading a space. Furthermore, the natural shimmers come to life when it is paired with other similar hues.

Open Floor Plan

open floor plan kitchen 2 Stylish Kitchens That Scream Timeless
Whether you have a smaller room or a larger one having an open floor plan will immediately open up the room in a seamless type of manner.

Tear down any constricting walls and bring out the beauty of the room with an airiness that allows you to feel more involved with your guests even if you’re cooking. There is no longer the pressure of having to have an extremely formal space trends over time have evolved, and we are now looking at bringing entertainment even to the kitchen. Therefore, in order to do just that the kitchen needs to be open and grand.

A Twist on Cooking

Another option when using an induction stove is that you can basically have it anywhere in the kitchen, you aren’t confined to a specific space. Instead, place it where it’s most convenient for you.

While most of us are used to electric or heat stoves, kitchens are now becoming a bit more modern with a timeless feel, which is where induction cooking comes into play. Induction cooking is not only safer, but it’s faster, and it’s very much aesthetically pleasing. So much so, that even smaller kitchens can benefit from having this feature as it will remain cooler during long hours of cooking.

Everything one Level

Even though everything is one level, paint your kitchen island a bright hue to bring a modern twist while allowing the space to make a statement on its very own.

Typically, kitchen islands are a bit higher in height then most of the decor in a kitchen; however, we are now looking at single-level islands as the stylish way of bringing a timeless feel to the area. Having one level throughout the entire room brings an intimate, chic approach is effortless expanding kind of way.

LED Lighting

LED lights give you the ability to personalized the lighting in your kitchen. You can choose to add one row or multiple rows in as many colors as you would enjoy.

Thanks to technology continuing to evolve LED lights have lost their striking, almost scary approach and have now become useful and fun to incorporate when you want a different kind of vibe. Use LED lights to eliminate negative spaces, brighten up a kitchen island, or bring direct lighting to your cabinetry. LED lights have become quite energy-efficient and long lasting; therefore, no need to worry about them.

Hidden Appliances

The beauty of having concealed appliances is your room will feel large no matter what. This is mainly due to having that seamless cohesiveness throughout.

Tired of seeing your appliances as the main statement in your kitchen? Try blending your appliances in with your counters. This idea takes decorating to new heights by allowing you customize where and how your appliances are displayed, you can have them as a stand-alone element or as part of your counter décor.

White it Out

If you do not want to include bold hues as part of your accessories consider using shades of black instead. Dark hues will make the signature contrast you want without taking away from the all-white space.

White kitchens are not only a classic, but they will never go out of style. You’re more likely to fall out of love with bold hues and bold décor than an all-white space. Keeping that mind, adding bold accessories is the way to go, to keep the area fresh even though it is an all-white space.

Fewer Cabinets

If you need the cabinet space yet don’t want to have that upper cabinet area consider using shelves. The shelves are perfect for displaying what you need without the clutter.

Less is more, and that is proven through minimal décor. There is a beautiful effect that happens then the décor is minimal yet makes an impact on its own. The best way to do this is by having a few cabinets in the upper area of your kitchen. This look is airy and put together while still being trendy.

Wood Flooring

Wood floors have always been a good idea in the kitchen it gives them a warm feeling that is difficult to create in any other manner. However, while hardwood floors are all the rage, wood-like floors are too. Instead of investing in expensive flooring invest in plank material that appears like wood yet is not as expensive as wood.

Grand Sinks

As spaces become more open, and appliances begin to disappear, sinks will become grander and more involved. While sinks used to be an afterthought they are now the main focus. The key is having a large sink that makes a statement without taking away from your décor, doing so will brighten the room and enhance the area.

Which of these timeless kitchens are you inspired by? Share with us your ideas below.

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Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For The Chic Cook

When we first think about the kitchen space we may think white, pastels or vivid bright hues, especially during the summer months. However, for that chic, edgy touch black is the way to go. The rich hue will take your cooking space to the next level with little to no effort. Here are some black kitchen cabinet ideas for the chic cook that want to bring something different to their home décor.

Black cabinets with contrasting backsplash

black kitchen cabinets Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For The Chic Cook
Pairing black cabinets with a bold backsplash that brings everything together. Consider using hues of black, white, blue and/or a mixture of the shades worked in together. You may even want to add a bold touch by adding some color.

White cabinets are out, black ones are in! Paint your cabinets all black and add a contrasting backsplash for a beautiful pairing that screams chic and modern. Consider a matte finish to upgrade your look in a trendier manner.

Black cabinets and Steel accents

steela accents and black Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For The Chic Cook
Steel elements are great when you are working with black cabinets because of how well they standout from the darker hue. Add a few steel pieces to brighten the darker cabinets. 

Black cabinets paired with steel accents are the perfect combination when you want to add some sort of classic element to the kitchen while still being classic and put together. Add a steel chandelier and pair it with steel stools for that well-rounded touch that feels more than just an accent.

Go Glamorous

Glamour could be difficult to achieve in the kitchen because there isn’t a lot of things you can do to add that glamorous touch. However, when working with black you can achieve it rather quickly. Add a few chandeliers and lighting fixtures for the perfect combination that enhances the space.

Black is a neutral that always looks elegant on its own, but when it is paired with hints of glamour it immediately takes a different type of approach. Add a glamorous chandelier and/or seating area near the kitchen for that beautiful element that brings it all together.

Farmhouse Touches

Farmhouse decor has become one of the go-to decorating styles recently. Therefore, adding black cabinets just seems like the perfect addition to the decor style. A bold, wooden kitchen island could make a huge difference especially when it is made out of wood.

For a farmhouse feel add a large kitchen island to your black cabinets, the contrast between the two creates that classic farmhouse appeal. Pair blonde wood elements and wood stools for that seamless approach.

Black and White

Black and white are perfect when you are working them in your kitchen especially when you want to use both shades but can’t figure out exactly how to do so. Paint a few cabinets white and add the main cabinets black.

No color pairing is as classic as black and white, which is perfect for the kitchen area. The flow between these two colors is great when you want to have a modern area that still has that classic quality to it. Pair with touches of black and white throughout the space to bright it all together.


Marble is an excellent addition to black cabinets due to the veining effect marble is known for. Consider adding stools that match your marble pieces to ensure everything remains cohesive and well-rounded. Doing so adds a brightening effect between the darker hues.

There is nothing quite like marble in the kitchen, especially when it is paired with black cabinets. Keep it simple with a sleek design, but add a large marble kitchen island to add that “wow” factor that makes a statement. Pair with classic stools for a put together look.


A sleek design could be exactly what you need for an elegant kitchen design. The beauty of this is you can incorporate as many hues and colors as you would like without changing your layout because of how sleek the designs are.

For that classic sleek design go for an all-black aesthetics. Doing so will bring the chic touch you want in an innovative kitchen space. Add no color for the contemporary appeal that remains cohesive throughout.

Black lacquer cabinets

Glossy is in! and it looks unbelievable when it is paired with matte pieces. Keep the space simple to allow the glossy effect to become the main focus of the room. You may even want to consider adding chandeliers to brighten the space and reflect off of the glossy finish.

There are numerous ways of using black paint in the kitchen space. However, the most innovative form, thus far, is by using black lacquer. Black lacquer cabinets are shiny, trendy and work well with matte and neutral pieces you may consider having around the home.

Traditional with Black touches

Traditional decor comes in numerous different forms, some prefer wooden items others prefer a sleek design. Whether you choose to go for a sleek appeal or a farmhouse touch black cabinets can make the biggest impact. Pair your black kitchen cabinets with a black island for that pop of color that still has that classic kitchen aesthetics.

Traditional décor is always a good idea in the kitchen, however, if you want to add a hint of trendy consider incorporating touches of black. Doing so will elevate the space while still having that classic appeal that is well-known and loved.

Bold Stove

When you hear the word “bold stove” you may think of color but sometimes you don’t have to have a bold stove with a color you can have a daring rich black stove space with gold trimming. Doing so can make a huge impact that still fills the room and has that unique twist.

You don’t have to have a boring stove space, even though the area is dark. Consider using a vivid hue, colorful tiles, and/or subway tiles that bright that brightness to the kitchen throughout. Even when the space is mostly black a bold stove area will elevate it.

Time to update your kitchen cabinets. Which of these is your favorite idea? Please share with us in the comments below.

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Cool Kitchen Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

Whether you want to upgrade your décor, or you are looking to bring your tired color scheme back to life now is the time to create your dream kitchen. Kitchen designs for 2018 are coming in strong due to them bringing something completely different to the table. From material to color, to appeal and aesthetics the changes are bold. Here are the trends that are taking 2018 by storm.

Bold, vibrant color

pops of yellow kitchen Cool Kitchen Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm
A colorful touch means you add your own personality to the space. If you are cheerful and fun consider bold hues of yellow, blue, green, and even red to put your personality on display. For a less bright space consider darker hues that still pack a punch. 

Bold hues are here to stay this year, especially in the kitchen space. This year will focus on colorful appliances, pops of color and color clashes. This trend is all about adding personality to the area, the use of color in the kitchen is extremely important as different hue work differently in each setting. Brighter shades are best for an airy space and darker hues are best for entertaining.


pastel hints in the kitchen Cool Kitchen Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm
Bright, vivid hues may not be for everyone, but soft pastels are. The key is the way they are worked into your decor. You may want to incorporate the pretty pastel hues use them on your cabinets and/or your eating area.

Pretty pastels present a beautiful design advantage and are an excellent form of adding fun colors without the bold impact bright shades can create. This is perfect for those that want to add color to the kitchen without disrupting your décor. Use to add highlights, creating features, and add a soft “wow” factor.

Multitasking Island

A multitasking kitchen island allows you to make the most out of your space regardless of how big or small it is. Its the perfect way of getting the most use out of your kitchen island without adding or removing new furniture.

Most kitchen islands are dictated due to the square footage of the kitchen. However, no matter the size you can still have a multitasking island. A multitasking island is a space you can use for cooking, as a breakfast bar, or as a hangout space for your guests. The options are endless.

Shelving is Back

Kitchen shelves are the ultimate way of getting the most out of your kitchen walls without having any cabinetry. Not having cabinets on the wall may seem a bit out of the norm but in reality, it actually keeps the space modern and sleek.

Shelving used to be huge in the kitchen, but it has taken a step back for quite some time. However, shelving is back in a big way this year. They are an excellent way to maximize your space without taking much space footage. It provides maximum storage with little to no effort. Add them to multiple different levels for a unique touch.

Metallic Handles

Cabinets doorknobs are all the way out but metallic handles are very much in. We love the idea of having different size handles to open your cabinets. This brings on a modern touch that is easy to achieve and even easier to maintain.

Metallic handles are very IN this year. You no longer want the round smaller knobs, instead consider bar handles in shades of gold, rose gold and copper for that well-rounded look. You may even want to match your handles with your accessories for a trendy appeal.

Multiple Ovens

Double ovens are not only great as lifesavers as you can cook two separate meals at once but they are also excellent additions to any kitchen. They provide an upscale look while still being modern.

People are becoming busier by the minute and many no longer have much time to do anything, which is where having multiple ovens will come in handy. Multiple ovens are perfect for creating a statement and a conversation piece. Don’t stop at a double oven, consider a double dishwasher, and/or a double sink.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are the latest craze among homeowners due to their ability to make life easier. A smart appliance will make the space a bit more high-tech which is always a great idea when you want that modern space. Bring it all together with other smart appliances for the ultimate complimentary touch. 

The rise of the smart appliances is here.  More and more appliances are adding cool features to them, including having apps that help keep reminders, shopping list and more. Having the luxury of a smart appliance is absolutely on trend.

Industrial Look

Industrial decor is coming in HOT! more and more homeowners are interested in this decorating style because of its undertone of restaurant styling. Its modern, yet trendy and very appealing there is also an understated sexy aesthetics to it that also feels like an upgrade of your grandmother’s kitchen. 

Industrial kitchen décor is the ultimate decorative trend of the year. It’s edgy, its classic, yet it pairs well with multiple different trends. Add metallic pieces to bring that classic industrial feel and pair with darker hues to bring it all together.

Hues of Blue

Consider incorporating multiple different shades of blue into one kitchen for that beautifully blended aesthetics. Add a daring blue kitchen island, pair with pastel blue hues to make the space well-rounded and contemporary. Add wood pieces to bring the entire space together. 

Blue is the color of the year when it comes to kitchen décor. From cobalt blue to pastels the shade is coming in. Pair with metallics and bring it all together. The bold and dramatic hue brings it all together for any type of decorating style.

Gold Accents

Gold pieces work well with neutral hues due to their similar undertones. Having similar undertones allows them to blended well together while pulling golden aspect of blonde wood. Add other hints of simple colors to bring a well-rounded space that makes sense. 

Gold is a beautiful metallic when paired with neutral hues, they work beautifully well together. Add organic texture for that classic, simple appeal that is still very much on trend.

Which of these trends for 2018 is your personal favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Small Kitchen Trends That Help Brighten The Space

Traditionally kitchens tend to come with multiple different areas that we all wish we could improve, some of them have little to no cabinetry, and others have limited space. Having limited space in your kitchen can put a damper on your décor. However, when done correctly, your small kitchen can become the perfect location for entertaining and dining festivities. The following small kitchen trends will help brighten your space without taking any extra added space.

Lacquer Cabinets

lacquer cabinets Small Kitchen Trends That Help Brighten The Space
Lacquer cabinets work great for that glossy feel that comes put together. Pair with matte touches to allow the lacquer appeal that becomes a simple statement. Doing so allows the space to be simple yet contemporary.

Lacquer cabinets are great when you have a smaller space due to their charming appeal that is sleek, modern while still having that expanding aesthetic. Pair with matte touches to allow the lacquer cabinets to make the statement they were intended to make.

Multiple Pendant Lights

pendant lighting kitchen Small Kitchen Trends That Help Brighten The Space
We love the idea of having multiple different light fixtures in any room. Especially when you want to make the space feel grander. The best way to do so is to have a cluster of lighting in similar shapes and sizes that work well together.

Pendant lighting is great due to its expanding feel, especially when you use multiple pendant light fixtures. Use one hue to keep the area cohesive, but add different shapes and/or even sizes to allow your pendant lighting to make the statement it was intended to make.

Charming Blue

Blue in the kitchen is an excellent pairing color as it works well with most if not all kitchen decor. Use a darker blue for the perfect elegant touch, but if you want to have a more versatile, modern appeal consider a pastel hue and/or a brighter color.

We love using shades of blue in the kitchen. A charming blue shade can bring a beautiful touch to even the smallest space. Pair with wooden elements for a well-rounded appeal that adds a farmhouse charm without being heavy or too simple.

Stylish and Simple

Simplicity is sometimes best when you want to keep your decor minimal yet with a classic appeal to it. Use simple colors such as black and white with wooden touches that make the area have a stylish aesthetic with little to no added effort.

Stylish and simple is perfect for a smaller space due to its use of furniture that you may already have. The key is working on your space and allowing it to make the statement, it is intended to make. Pair with stylish pieces to bring your décor up a notch.

All-white with vivid accents

The uniqueness of it is charming. 
Adding pops of color in the kitchen may seem easier then what you may assume. The main idea is to add the hue in small doses. Consider adding stools in daring hues to bring that inevitable pop of color that bring your entire decor together.

An all-white kitchen is always a good idea, especially in a smaller setting. However, to take it up a notch by adding vivid accents. The vivid accents will bring the space back to life in a simple manner. Add a bright accent wall, colorful lighting fixtures, and/or daring stools in a bright hue or interesting shape.

Dark Cabinetry

In an elongated kitchen the key is using darker hues that allow your space to continue to be elongated yet still chic. The key is to work with metallic hues and brighter colors so the kitchen still feels open yet elongated all at the same time.

If you have an elongated kitchen, dark cabinets could be exactly what you need. An elongated kitchen can be tricky to decorate because of the way it is laid-out. Paint your entire kitchen a rich darker hue such as navy, black, or even dark gray for a rich darker feel.

Add a touch of Antique

A touch of antique isn’t the easiest thing to do because of how modern post kitchens have a tendency to be. Therefore, if you want to add a touch of antique the key is adding a small piece such as a center table or even

A touch of antique is perfect in a small space that news a hint of old-world beauty. Furthermore, a touch of antique can bring a charming chicness that brightens the space. Add an antique center table or countertop for a perfect contrast that still adds that antique touch.

Black and White Flooring

Black and white flooring is considered perfect for simply decorated areas due to their beauty and textured appeal. There is something very modern yet farmhouse about them. So much so that they bring any decor together.

Black and white flooring have become extremely trendy not only because it is cool to look at but because it works well with almost all décor options. Pair your black and white flooring with a colorful kitchen or with an all-white space when you want to allow your flooring to make a big statement.


A monochromatic palette has a full circle appeal because of well two shades such as black and white can work together. The smaller the space the less dark hues you want to use. Instead, use a few darker pieces and add brighter white furniture on a larger scale.

A monochromatic palette is perfect when you want to have a color palette that works well with numerous different décor options and you want to allow your furniture to speak for itself. Consider having simple pieces elevate the area while still being monochromatic.

Colorful Corner

A bright corner may sound intimating but in all reality its one of the greatest trends you can add to your kitchen. Add rich colors that create a bit of a contrast between the two for an appeal that comes full circle when looked upon from afar. Add bright art work for a seamless pairing. 

Having a colorful corner in your kitchen has become the IT trend to follow in small kitchens due to their ability to bring color and an extra touch of beauty even in the tiniest space. Pair with a chic seating area to create a balance between the spaces.

Pops of Black

Whether your decor revolves around using shades of black or you simply want an elegant appeal to the space touches of black are perfect. Add a daring hue throughout to bring out the sleek pops of black that may be well needed.

Regardless of what colors are used in the kitchen a pop of black can bring it all together in an effortless manner. Consider adding bold pops of black throughout the space to bring hints of neutral to the kitchen area.

Which of these trends would you be interested in trying in your kitchen? Please share with us your ideas in the comments below.

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Breakfast Nook Upgrades You Need To See To Believe

A dining room can be a bit intimidating when you want to serve a simple meal. However, a breakfast nook can be the perfect addition for those times you want to have your family close for a meal or two. If you are lucky enough to already have a breakfast nook, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are a few breakfast nook upgrade ideas that will inspire you.

Coastal Twist

coastal rattan breakfast nook Breakfast Nook Upgrades You Need To See To Believe
A coastal breakfast nook is the perfect excuse to add hues of blue and pair them with bolder shades that provide a summery, vacation visual. Pair with rattan furniture for that classic beach house feel in an easy manner.

There is something beautiful, charming and even elegant about having a coastal appeal as part of your breakfast nook. Update the décor with rattan furniture pieces such as rattan chairs perfectly paired with navy and white pieces that come together for an easy coastal twist.

Bring on the Color

colorful breakfast nook Breakfast Nook Upgrades You Need To See To Believe
A colorful breakfast nook can be ideal to add color, texture, pattern and visual appeal to your kitchen area. Contemplate using numerous different colors that bring brightness yet work well together. The better the colors mesh together the greater the outcome will be.

What better way to upgrade your breakfast nook, then to add bright daring hues. The brighter the colors the better. Pair with neutral pieces and/or wooden items that come together to allow the brighter shades to make the statement they are intended to make.

Let there be Light

The lighting fixture you use as part of your breakfast nook can completely change the vibe your kitchen gives off. If you add an edgy light fixture your kitchen will have an edgy feel. However, if you add a charming light fixture your space will immediately transform. Use a light fixture that brings your personality to the forth front.

Lighting is very important, especially in a smaller eating area. It will not only make the space appear larger, but it brings a unique sense of lighting when you are working with intricate light fixtures. Consider using chandeliers or scones or even a mixture of both. Pair with metallic hues to bring a unique touch.

Country Cozy

If you are not a fan or can’t have a wooden bench as part of your kitchen breakfast nook consider having a chic bench instead. The chicness of the bench brings a feminine touch that can be felt throughout the kitchen. Pair with classic seats and greenery for a country twist that is still understated.

Breakfast Nooks were a traditional aspect of country-inspired homes now they have become a staple for many. Change up your décor to a country chic twist for a cozy yet fun space. The key is using built-in seating with wooden aspects to bring you that classic country visual to life.

White and Blue

The shade of blue that you decide to use can completely change the feel of the room. The lighter the hue the more feminine and classy it will appear, meanwhile, the darker richer hues bring an edgy touch that is cool and contemporary. Pair your favorite shade with white touches to expand the feel of the area.

This traditional color combination is always a good idea.  The main reason being the hues work well with numerous different colors and metallics. Add a bench, colorful pillows in different shades of blue and a few monochromatic pieces to bring all the décor together.

Off-white Nook

Off-white is an excellent in-between color that allows any other hues used to make the statement they are intended to make. Use soft pastels to brighten the area while still allowing the breakfast nook to appear put together and airy. Incorporate patterned pillows for an extra added sense of cohesiveness. 

Bright white might seem a bit too stark for any room, but when you work in off-white hues there becomes a charming effect that is simple yet beautiful. Add a few warm touches to soften the white pieces that may already exist in the room.

Pops of Yellow

Pops of yellow are perfect for bringing a space together. The brightness of the hue provides a beautiful intricate touch. Meanwhile, pairing it with bits and pieces of darker wood will create a seamless contrast. Consider having bold bright yellow chairs that come together with simple lines and features.

For that cheery color contrast, a bright shade of yellow is the perfect balance between having neutrals and added daring hues. Combine your pops of yellow with bold patterns that have yellow veining integrated with hues of white, black, gray or neutral.

Enjoy the View

Having a view is quite beneficial when you want to use simple decor that will brighten the space while still allowing the view to be the main staple of the breakfast nook. Focus on using decor that embraces and is similar to what the outdoors has to offer.

If you are lucky enough to have a gorgeous view, you want to embrace it to the fullest by using soft hues and creating a décor that revolves around the view. Doing so will bring a balance that is natural while being luxurious and charming.

Bring on the Stripes

Stripes are excellent expanders, one would think they would create a space to appear smaller due to their chaotic pattern. However, in all actuality, they are great to bring in color, texture and make the space feel larger. Add upholstery to your bench with a soft striped pattern for a chic aesthetic.

If you have yet to meet a striped design that you didn’t like, consider adding bold stripes to your breakfast nook with upholstered chairs. Add upholstered chairs gives you the liberty to select what colors and textures you use while still giving you the ability to change up the décor depending on the season.

Bar Nook

Having a bar breakfast nook is the perfect addition when you have a smaller space that needs to be filled with something that will make the space feel feminine and grand. Consider adding a rug for an extra boost of beauty and femininity. 

Having a smaller space does not mean you can’t have the perfect breakfast nook, it means you have to get creative which is where a bar nook will come in handy. A cute small bar, nook is perfect for those quick meals and/or want a space saver that is also versatile. Add two chairs with a simple table for that bar nook feel.

Patterned Floors

A patterned floor can be perfect for a simple breakfast nook that needs little to no additive but could make use of a bit of color. Consider using a bold hue or a heavy pattern for the perfect outcome. You may even want to use clear chairs to allow the flooring to make the perfect statement.

Already have a breakfast nook but need an upgrade? If so the key is working in patterned floors. This trick will upgrade the space with little to work while still providing color and texture. Consider adding bold flooring and having it become the main staple of the area.

Breakfast nooks are ready for their closeup moment. Which of these is your personal favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Fun Ways To Wallpaper Your Kitchen

Wallpaper has come a very long way since your grandmother used to have it in the kitchen, so much so that they’re now on trend in a huge way. Whether you want to create a traditional kitchen aesthetics, or you want a more modern twist the options are endless when you use the right wallpaper. Wallpaper is cost-effective, fun, and versatile depending on the visual you would like to achieve with specific patterns and colors.  These fun ways to wallpaper your kitchen will drastically change your décor layout.

Elevate Your Bar

palm leaf kitchen Fun Ways To Wallpaper Your Kitchen
If you do not have the space for a bar in your kitchen area you may want to consider having an accent table that doubles as a simple dining or breakfast space. Pairing with metallics and/or neutral hues to allow the palms to make the big statement they were intended to make. 

Make your home bar feel and look more elegant with a bold, colorful wallpaper as the background. Add a tropical touch to the space with a palm print wallpaper. Not only have these become trendy, but they are beautiful to look at and pair with other colorful bits.


marble kitchen 2 Fun Ways To Wallpaper Your Kitchen
Marble is elegant, chic, fun and beautiful when it is paired in the kitchen. The idea is to make it the main staple of the kitchen without taking away from the beauty of our decor. Consider adding darker bits to make the space appear brighter.

No material works better in the kitchen quite like marble does. Marble is just one of these elements that makes sense in the kitchen space. Why only showcase your marble on your counters and kitchen island when you can display it on your walls as well? Marble wallpaper is not only elegant and versatile, but it is also a beautiful way to add color, texture, and personality.

Breakfast Nook

Go bold with a retro wallpaper that offers a hint of beauty yet works with numerous different hues. You want your breakfast nook to make sense to the space and not take away from any decor you may already have going on. Pair with a bold chandelier for a beautiful reflecting highlight.

Keep your kitchen walls bare and allow your breakfast nook to make the statement by utilizing a bold wallpaper. You want to use a wallpaper that comes in a daring hue and with an even grander pattern. A striking pattern will bring life to the kitchen without taking away from your décor.

Go Floral

Do not dismiss the beauty of a black and white floral wallpaper, many shy away from a floral wallpaper due to always thinking it has to be bright and bold. But in all actuality, the wallpaper can be a neutral hue with a bit of a daring floral touch.

A floral wallpaper is perfect for a country inspired home or a farmhouse, there is something very traditional about having a floral background.  To keep the wallpaper from appearing “too feminine” pair it with darker, richer hues and shy away from pastel hues. Additionally, consider pairing with bits of wood and/or even hues of black for a more masculine aesthetic.

Black and White Texture

Texture is a huge part of decorating any space due to its ability to bring a homeowners personality to the forth front in a not so subtle manner. The key is working with texture that adds to your decorative bits. Use hints of neutral for a beautiful layout.

If you have been a bit hesitant about wallpaper a black and white textured wallpaper is the way to go. Doing so brings an industrial, textured appeal that is crisp and clean while allowing you to use any color scheme you would like to use. Consider adding bits of pastel to keep the décor simple.

Bold Backsplash

Nothing screams bold and daring quite like color. We love the use of blue hues that have a bit of texture and/or mixture of colors. Pair with other bright shades for that perfect addition that adds to your backsplash.

A bold backsplash in the kitchen is always a good idea. The use of color is one of the best forms of incorporating personality and texture to your kitchen. Not only is it easy to pair with other colorful bits, but it’s economical to have as you can change it multiple different times without much charge needed.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are a favorite in the kitchen because they can be placed almost anywhere and bring a sense of uniqueness and beauty. There is never two patterns that are the same when you are working with a geometric wallpaper.

The black and white geometric print adds an Art Deco touch even to the most minimalist kitchen. Add it in a corner or two to have a little preview of the pattern without a bold in your face display. Doing so will lively up the kitchen without the need of adding an extra dose of color.

Bring on the Lemons

Lemons have always been known for good luck especially when they’re displayed in the kitchen. Instead, of having them arranged in the kitchen on a table or breakfast nook display them on the wall as an accent wall with lemon wallpaper. The wallpaper brings life and color while being a chic touch that is fun and even quirky.

Ever wanted to have a bold, almost unique wallpaper in your kitchen that simply makes sense? If so a lemon wallpaper is the way to go. Pair the lemon wallpaper with simple décor to allow the brightness of the lemons to make that statement they were intended to make.

Go Tropical

A tropical wallpaper trends to be a top favorite for many homeowners because it has that transporting feel to it. Just stepping into any area of a home that has a tropical wallpaper feels as if you have entered a new destination. Pair with shades of green and yellow to bring the rich shades to life.

If you have been dreaming of a tropical vacation yet have no time to take one, adding a tropical wallpaper in your kitchen could be the way to go. Choose a bold wallpaper with bits of pink and green for that classic tropical aesthetic, then pair it with brass bits to offset the colors and bring a modern vibe.

Daring Blue

We love the idea of a bold blue wallpaper, especially when the wallpaper has numerous colors weaved within itself. Add neutral touches to simplify the boldness of the pattern, we love the idea of a repetitive pattern that is displayed in a feminine manner. Pair with minimal decor.

Whether you want to elevate your house or create a Morrocan oasis a daring, blue wallpaper in the kitchen is the way to go. A blue patterned wallpaper is always a good idea because it typically combines multiple hues of blue into one.

Time for a fun wallpaper display right in your kitchen. Which of these is your personal favorite? Share with us in the comments below.

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