Chic Kitchens With Concealed Range Hoods


Both concealed or on display kitchen range hoods are not only functional but appealing to the eyes. Ever wondered how you can upgrade your kitchen without having to change too much? If so, the answer is simple: change your range hood. Changing your range hood will completely transform your kitchen immediately. The following chic kitchens with concealed range hoods will prove it’s so worthy to change your steel range hood for a more modern and creative option.

Multiple Shades of Gray

gray kitchen wth concealed hood Chic Kitchens With Concealed Range Hoods
Not fond of all the different shades of gray on the market? If this is the case, use one solid shade of gray and work it throughout the entire space. From the kitchen cabinets to your island stools. The key is to go for a cohesive well put together look.

For a sophisticated kitchen select traditional shades of gray. There is something extremely chic and beautiful about having a display of multiple smoky hues. From the lightest shade to the darkest, having a mixture of this elegant color will bring a modern yet classic appeal.

 Subway tiles

tile kitchen with concealed Chic Kitchens With Concealed Range Hoods
If you happen to like the aesthetics of a range hood yet want to find a way to minimize its effect- adding tiles to the range hood and your backsplash is a way to go. Not only will it disguise how large the range hood is but it will bring visual appeal to the area itself.

Instead of fully concealing your range hood mask it with subway tiles. The subway tiles will create a beautiful open space display while still having that sleek contrast that makes the area feel rounded. It’s an easy way to mix contemporary with classic kitchen items.

Glossy Paint

Whether you select an edgy shade such as gray, black or navy, or a minimalist shade of white, beige or even pink you want it to have a glossy finish. The glossy finish elevates the color for a more modern touch. Pair with matte finishes or stain to allow the glossy pain to make a statement on its own.

We love the idea of a glossy paint in the kitchen, the key is maintaining the entire space with one or two hues. Having this classic display of colors creates a daring chicness to the space. The richer the hue the better.

Go Coastal

Coastal decor is perfect when you want to display a welcoming feel in your kitchen yet want to make the best out of color. Additionally, you want to add wooden bits for the perfect blend of modern and classic coastal.

Coastal décor is a top favorite for us as it brings forth multiple different styles and colors yet blends perfectly when placed in one specific spot. Add crisp hues of white and beige to create a beautiful contrast between the fun shades of blue that contrast the kitchen’s main focal point.

Bring on the Height

There are numerous possibilities when you have a tall ceiling in the kitchen, you can add extra lights, have your range hood fully concealed or even showcase a bit of it in order to have a modern approach. Pair with classic bits to have a well-rounded appeal.

Range hoods tend to be tall and bulky, in order to conceal it consider having an even taller ceiling. A tall ceiling is great as it elongates the room and makes it feel more spacious. Additionally, it works well when you want to have a rustic-inspired kitchen.


When we all think of cottage kitchens we all think “wood, metals, and little to no color,” we are here to inform that this is coming to an end as cottage kitchens are becoming more modern. Pair with rich colors and unique light fixtures to bring bits of modern to a beautiful classic.

The classic elements of a cottage-inspired kitchen consist of having crisp, clean lines that come together to create a welcoming space. Add bits of marble to further showcase the classic elements of a cottage-inspired home while still having that contemporary appeal.

Showcase Color

If you love color yet are a bit intimidated by it, adding color gradually is the way to go. Consider painting your bottom cabinets a bright hue and having your upper level a neutral shade or vice versa. The key is having touches of color throughout.

There is nothing more fun and demanding than having a colorful kitchen. Adding color to the kitchen is always a good idea. Not only does the space become a center of attention for your home, but there is also the idea that color helps with happiness and brightening the overall mood of the area it is used.

Mosaic Magic Moment

A mosaic wallpaper is perfect when you want to use pattern and color yet want to have it in a unique manner. The idea is to allow the mosaic bits to make a statement on their very own regardless of the colors you decide to use.

Adding a mosaic magical tile backsplash is the perfect way to incorporate pattern and a unique touch without having to use color. Many times, we want to bring texture to a room without the necessity of overfilling the space with color, a mosaic tile display does just that. Pair your tile with darker hues for a beautiful seamless contrast.

Luxury and Elegance

We love the look and feel of a luxurious space. There is just something welcoming and appealing about being in a kitchen that screams luxury. Add a few hints of color or go bare with nudes for a classic room.

There’s no better way to fall in love with your concealed range hood than to create a luxurious and elegant design. Doing so allows your range hood to feel more upscale even if it is concealed with the rest of your décor. This works best if you have an open floor plan kitchen.

Double Lighting

Whether your range hood is concealed as part of your cabinets or it’s mildly exposed adding lights to your kitchen with further bring the focus away from the range hood and more towards the center of the roo. Doing so creates a larger feel throughout. 

Lighting is extremely important in all areas, particularly in the kitchen. Add double lights to emphasis your décor and give your concealed range hood the spotlight it deserves. Consider unique light fixtures for that stark daring focus we all know and love.

Which of these designs are you obsessed with? Let’s discuss in the comments below.


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Eclectic Kitchens That Are Too Good To Be True


Eclectic décor is one of the most difficult decorating styles to pull off; this is mainly due to the numerous components the trendy style has to offer. However, when it is done correctly, it’s a beautiful, artistic display of unique pieces that somehow work very well together. Whether you’re interested in redecorating your kitchen or you are considering an eclectic touch, these eclectic kitchens are sure to inspire you along the way.

Bold Color Pairing

colorful eclectic decor  Eclectic Kitchens That Are Too Good To Be True
The color’s you decide to use in your kitchen will depend on your personal style; however, we recommend creating a fun, eclectic touch by having a repetition of colors throughout. Not only is this a fun unique way but its cohesive and appealing to the eye.

If you love the idea of color, then going eclectic is the way to go. Putting together unique colors in the kitchen may seem easier said than done due to the numerous options color wise and décor wise. Remember, if you are working with 3-5 different colors you want to have binding elements that ensure the décor comes together seamlessly. Patterns are great additions to a colorful space.

Effortless Texture

eclectic kitchen deisgn with texture Eclectic Kitchens That Are Too Good To Be True
The texture you add in the kitchen should feel effortless and welcoming. Think of pieces that you know will work together yet are from completely different decorating styles. Those are the pieces you want to add in.

One of the many reasons why we personally love eclectic décor is its effortless way of pairing different textures, styles, and even eras together. It brings everything into one in the most seamlessly way. We love the heavy use of texture without feeling overly cluttered.

Even Small Spaces

Do not be afraid of eclectic decor in small spaces. The key is having pieces that make a statement yet do not have an overbearing feel. You do not want to room to feel cluttered, it should feel open yet intricate and yes eclectic.

If you have been interested in eclectic décor yet have a small kitchen, do not be afraid, you can still achieve this look no matter how small your kitchen is. The key is inserting key elements and having them make the biggest statement on their very own.

Colorful Appliances

Colorful appliances deserve to have their special moment. They are unique, fun and feel vintage yet when paired with other “different” decorative pieces that become eclectic which is what you want to portray. Add a few neutrals to have a sleek balancing act.

Do not forget your appliances! Your appliances play a big role in how your kitchen is perceived; therefore, use colorful appliances for that noticeable punch of color and add softer hues throughout the room. You want the appliances to make that bold statement yet have other colorful bits.

Displayed Organization

Open shelving is a pretty new concept when it comes to home decor. We have always wanted to keep the organization away from the viewer’s eyes. However, this concept allows your favorite “fancy” dishes to be on display for all to see and enjoy. You may even want to display small trinkets that have special meaning to you.

Floating shelves, open space cabinets, and convenient draws are part of what makes a kitchen feel like a kitchen. For an eclectic feel have open cabinetry that displays what’s on the shelves or consider using clear doors for the same effect but with a bit more of “privacy.” The open space will bring a modern twist, whereas, your organization will feel traditional and put together.

Show your Personality

When selecting a wallpaper for your eclectic space this is the time to go wild. Choose a color or pattern you would never consider in the kitchen and watch as it transforms the space. You could never go wrong with a daring wallpaper and color bits here and there.

The main goal of eclectic décor is having a beautiful display of objects and patterns that showcase your personality. Add in a daring wallpaper in fun colors and pair with other bold bits for that classic display of personality.

Keep it minimal yet trendy

Can’t decide what colors to use as part of your decor? If so choose a dark hue and pair it with eclectic pieces for that classic feel that is still minimal and appealing. Furthermore, for that minimalist look you want little to no additional pieces only the ones that you truly need. 

If you are undecided about whether you want a minimalist decorating style or a full-on trendy space, consider blending the two together to create a seamless approach. Furthermore, keep it minimal by using only the furniture pieces that you need and add that trendy touch with selected accent pieces.

Colorful Lighting

Think of your colorful lamps as the perfect additional bit of color. They will help brighten the room while having that unique touch that brings an extra hint of eclectic throughout. Pair with wooden touches to allow the lamps to really make their intended impact. 

We love the look and appeal of colorful lighting. Add cheerful lamps that brighten up the room yet have that direct focal point on display. Have multiple colorful lights for that rich, signature touch of eclectic while still being useful to the space.

Don’t forget the table

Adding a table is the perfect open floor plan addition. The table will suit as a breakfast area or even as a dining table, you can even use it as a cute space where your family gathers to unwind and share their day.

A table in the kitchen is not only versatile, but it’s an excellent way of adding an eclectic touch that adds to your unique display. Consider having multiple different color chairs or even adding a funky rug underneath. Adding the rug creates a distinct separation between your cooking space and your dining area.

Your Island

Not fond of having a colorful kitchen island? If so having an all wood smaller island is the perfect balance between the two. Who would’ve thought a wood kitchen island can make a huge impact? Not many, but when it is in a smaller size and it’s crisp and clean it creates a balance between your eclectic decor.

Your kitchen island is vital to how your area appears, for an eclectic touch, add a large, colorful kitchen island. Doing so adds color, beauty, and texture, contemplate pairing with intricate chairs to further showcase your new decorating style.

Eclectic décor might not be for everyone, but it sure is fun to look at and recreate. Which of these are you taking inspiration from, in your own home? Please share with us in the comments below.


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Do Quartz Countertops Easily Scratch?

In recent years, quartz countertops have become even more popular than granite countertops.  While granite remained the popular choice for the last forty years or so, quartz countertops have now outpaced granite and homebuyers are looking for quartz over granite in many buying situations. Why? Because, among other reasons, quartz countertops offer many different colors and designs to choose from, far more than is offered with granite or other types of countertops.

Quartz countertops have many other advantages as well.  They require very little maintenance to keep them looking new and they are nonporous, meaning that bacteria won’t settle into the counters.  They are also heat resistant, environmentally friendly, durable, easy to clean, and most importantly, they are scratch resistant.

How are Quartz Countertops Made?

This type of countertop is considered man made.  In fact, it is considered an engineered stone.  This is because 96% of quartz is ground into a very fine substance and then mixed with about 7% polyresin binding materials and pigments. Together, this combined mixture creates a quartz stone that is so strong you can expect it to still look new after years of wear and tear in the kitchen.  In fact, quartz is known as one of the hardest natural materials on earth and when it is combined with resin, it becomes even stronger.  After the mixture is poured into a slab, the designer can then add flecks to the piece for added character.  After this, the slab emerges as a glossy, beautiful piece of countertop to fit your kitchen or your bathroom perfectly.

Scratch Resistant Quartz Countertops. 

If you’re looking for a countertop that can put up with a lot of wear and tear and remain scratch-free, then quartz is your best option.  This does not mean that chips and scratches will never occur, but it would take a lot of pressure and extreme use to make even a small scratch or dent in a quartz countertop.  However, if this were to happen, it is an easy fix.  All you need to do is hire a professional to fill and repair any scratches or chips to make your countertops appear brand new once again.  

Those who choose quartz countertops over other choices, like formica, can expect their countertops to look fantastic many years after they are installed.  With appropriate care, you won’t be disappointed with the look and feel of your quartz countertops even a decade after you get them.

The Array of Color Choices with Quartz Countertops

When it comes time to pick out the style and design of a quartz countertop, your best bet is to browse the many colors and styles offered by this choice.  The experts at European Wholesale Countertops can help you through this.  With so many options, you may not know where to start.  That’s where the professionals come in.  They can help you narrow down the existing choices to fit exactly what you are looking for in a new countertop for you kitchen or bathroom.  To get started today, contact the team at European Wholesale Countertops at 800-480-0565.

Look To The Kitchen When Trying To Sell Your Home Quickly

Sometimes homes sell quicker than others.  They may only be on the market for a few days before the owners accept an offer, and before you know it, the house is off the market as quickly as it came on.  When it comes time to sell your house, if you want to do it quickly, you can’t rely on luck.  In fact, you may need to put some work into the house before it is even listed.  The room that matters most when getting your house ready to sell is the kitchen.  With an updated kitchen, you can expect to sell your house faster and for top dollar.

Why You Should Sell Your House Quickly

The longer a house stays on the market, the harder it is to sell.  What you want is a few offers within the first two weeks of your house being on the market. Not only is this convenient for the seller and buyer, it means you get your money quicker.  However, if you house is still on the market after a few weeks and hasn’t received any offers, prospective buyers will wonder what is wrong with the house. They may not even bother viewing the listing, even if you have an open house.  To avoid this, focus on your kitchen.

Buyers Want a Modern Kitchen

Outdated kitchens do not sell.  What buyers want is a modern, clean, updated kitchen.  Most buyers want a house that doesn’t need updating, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Adding a splash of paint here and there is what most buyers expect to do themselves, but for many, renovating a kitchen is at the bottom of the buyer’s list. This is why you need to do it for them before you even list your home.

For many buyers, it is the state of the kitchen that will make or break the deal.  They want big, modern kitchens with granite or slate countertops and brand new appliances.  If your kitchen was designed anytime before 2010, chances are you may need to update it with what buyers expect.  On the other hand, if you are unable to update the kitchen and need to leave this up to the buyers, chances are you will need to lower the purchase price of the house to make up for the outdated kitchen. Remember, a kitchen update can be both expensive and time consuming, something that prospective buyers may not want to invest in.  With that said, do your best to update your kitchen to get your house sold quickly and at the best price possible.

How Big Should a Modern Kitchen Be?

If you have a small kitchen, you may be thinking you need to gut the entire thing and start all over, but this is probably not the case. Also, you may be seeing really big dollar signs for a kitchen remodel. Again, this probably isn’t the case.  You don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money to make your kitchen seller ready.  It is true that buyers want an updated kitchen but they are not expecting something out of a Martha Stewart magazine. What they want is an updated look and feel that can easily be achieved with attention to current styles of countertops, cabinets, appliances, flooring and the size of the kitchen.

If you’re kitchen is really small, work with a contractor to add the right updates while increasing the size of your kitchen.  To learn more about updating your kitchen and making it bigger, contact European Wholesale Countertops at 800-480-0565 today.  Our friendly team of experts will help you tackle the biggest issues facing your kitchen and bring it to a place where buyers will be wowed by the renovation and put in offers at the sale price you want.

Advantages of Granite Countertops

One of the most popular countertops for today’s modern, updated kitchen or bathroom is granite countertops.  It’s no wonder why granite countertops are the preferred choice. They are beautiful and give your kitchen or bathroom a luxurious look and feel.  Although granite countertops make be more expensive than other countertop choices, when you do decide to install granite, you are making a sound, long-lasting investment, especially if you decide to sell your home.

First of all, granite countertops are more durable than other choices, such as formica. They are made from granite, which is tougher and stands up better to everyday wear and tear.  This means it is resistant to scratches, cutting, and other damage that can be inflicted on countertops.  Granite is also heat resistant, making it the ideal material for use next to a range or other cooktop.  You won’t have to worry about placing a hot pan on a granite countertop because it won’t make any damage. That’s just how heat resistant this material is.  Granite is also overwhelming stain resistant as long as it is properly sealed. This means it will not absorb any spilled liquid – like soda, juice, or oil – that can cause an unsightly stain on your kitchen or bathroom counters.

At European Wholesale Countertops, our team of experts can help you pick out the exact granite design you want for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.  With years of experience, European Wholesale Countertops will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your brand new granite countertops. If you’re renovating a space or picking out  countertops for a brand new home, give us a call today at 800-480-0565.