Alex Turco Art Panels

Waterproof art panels are specifically designed for spaces in contact with water, out-door areas and in every surface that is exposed to extreme weather conditions; public and private spaces that never had the possibility to be accessorized with art before.

Designed and manufactured on ALUCOBOND sheets (bi-sided aluminum with polyethylene), they are easily applicable to every wall with a silicone support and seal. The panels are extremely rigid and only 5mm thick. The artistic subjects created by ALEX TURCO, are covered with layers of specific resins that are 100% waterproof.

During the whole process, the customer can choose measures, model, subject, and colors and together with the art designer, he is able to realize a new elegant, edgy and glamorous outfit for surfaces never touched before.

The art designer has developed several themed collections, but personal photographs may also be used and customized as the art form itself serving as a unique and personalized decorative signature for private and public venues, homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and yachts.

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